Mulranny Hounds

Puppy Page

Puppies are sometimes available to good loving homes. If I am not planning a litter I will put you in touch with a reputable breeder who may have puppies available so do feel free to contact me.

All of our puppies are reared in a loving home environment


Buying a Puppy

My personal advice when looking for a new puppy is always to investigate the breeder of your new puppy. Make sure that the puppies are brought up in a home environment and that you can see the mother (fathers are quite often 'absent' if not owned by the breeder). Be very wary of buying from a breeder where the mother and puppies are kept in a garden shed or other outdoor area. Do not under any circumstances buy from a breeder who will not show you the mother and/or offers to meet you somewhere in public to hand over a previously unseen puppy. We must try to put puppy farmers out of business and ensure that only happy, healthy, well adjusted puppies become the next generation. If you buy from a breeder who advertises on the internet, asks for money in advance and promises to deliver the puppy by a pet transport company, then you are likely to lose the money and have no puppy. It is better to wait for a puppy that you can see first and meet the breeder & the mother of the puppies, rather than rushing into an ill advised purchase. The right puppy for you is out there somewhere. If you have any doubts about a breeder, the condition puppies are kept in, the health of the mother or any other of the dogs kept by the breeder, do not buy a puppy, but inform the police or RSPCA straight away for action to be taken under the auspices of Animal Welfare Act. If they're genuine, they'll have nothing to hide.

Rescue Information

Sight hounds generally are a pleasure to live with whatever their size. As hunting hounds they tend to conserve energy for 'the chase' so if they're in the house they are happiest on a settee doing just that. If they're outside then they can go for as long or short a walk as you wish. There are always exceptions to the rule and puppies are definitely one of them, but then that's true of all puppies - life is one huge game!!


If you're looking for a pet please give a thought to a rescue whippet or greyhound. They are generally past the nightmare puppy stage and if they've spent their life in kennels, a settee would be earthly heaven for them. The whippet rescue organisation is JR Whippet Rescue contact Linda Jones on 01234 838927. There are many greyhound rescue organisations and a quick search on the internet will give you plenty to contact. I can recommend trying Greyhound Rescue West of England on 07000 785092 (click on the link to their website: or the Retired Greyhound Trust on 0870 444 0673 (click on the link to their website: All three rescues are very professional organisations that care deeply about the dogs in their care.