Mulranny Hounds

                                                Mulranny Celtic King (Axl)

                                                                                           April 2008 - June 2009

                                                                                   Sire: Ch Glinockie Attitude (Paddy)

                                                                                   Dam: High Havoc at Hutaka (Keira)

Axl was tragically killed on the road in an accident in June 2009 when he escaped from the house. His owner, Karen, was out of the country when a door was left open and Axl escaped. He is still missed very much by all who knew him - he was such a lovely boy.



           1993 - 2007


Although not a sight hound, Lachie deserves a mention for bravery in enduring the worst that human kind can do to dogs. He was found in a ditch in Cyprus with one of his back legs hanging by very little. He was completely emaciated, covered in ticks and fleas, and had been hit by a car and left for dead. Once my husband had picked him up and had him treated by a vet, it was apparant that he'd also been shot in the head and the lead pellets had damaged his left eye and left him with epilepsy. He made an almost full recovery - his leg was pinned top to bottom and recovered sufficiently to be used as balance but definitely got in the way when he was running full tilt! The epilepsy stayed with him for the rest of his life (as did the lead pellets that appeared under the surface of his skin every now and then). He was the most loving dog despite all he had been through, but off the lead he was a demon! He taught successive generations of whippets that mummy doesn't really mind if you run off and don't go back, she just makes a lot of noise! It got to the point that Keira's puppies were never let off the lead with her because of Lachie's 'legacy'. They are now well behaved off lead unlike Keira who still ignores me as Lachie taught her. Bless him. RIP dear boy.



                     Tilegreen Temptation (Chloe)

                                                       1987 - 2003

                               Sire: Ch Carmodian Tawny Knight of Hutaka

                                           Dam: Tilegreen Misty Morning


     (Litter sister to Ch Tilegreen Tornado)



Pictured here in the forestry commission near Wells, Somerset 1991





                                      Chilka Fantasee of Hutaka (Dodie)

                                                                                 1986 - 2002

                                                                     Sire: Ch Harque to Huntsman

                                                                       Dam: Chilka Dairymaid

                                                          Dodie was half sister to Ch Nutshell of Nevedith



 Pictured here at LKA aged 7 months in 1986


              Myself and Dodie in 1987!